Petrol Generator

KOEL Petrol Generator

Portable Petrol generator range that fulfills all your requirement.

KOEL Chhota Chilli Portable Petrol Generators come from the house of Kirloskar, India’s #1 Generator brand. Specialized in manufacturing of generators for more than seven decades. This all new Petrol Generator is the latest addition to this widest portfolio. With KOEL Chota Chilli enjoy the benefits of mobility and portability. KOEL Chhota Chilli rolls on wheels and is equipped with a full-width handle. Now you carry power with you for a beach party or a jungle camp. This feature is of great help for small establishments and mobile workshops too!

KOEL Chhota Chilli Generators reach you through the widest network of authorized dealers and are supported by over 5000 skilled service engineers spread across India. Quality of service and response is centrally monitored by KOEL. Dial the toll-free number and our authorized representative will be promptly available at your door step!

Our Petrol generator

When it comes to Power, no one knows Generators better than us.

KOEL Petrol Generator

3 kVA - 5 kVA

KOEL Chhota Chilli Portable Petrol Gensets from the house of Kirloskar, having more than seven decades of experience. KOEL Green and KOEL Chhota Chilli have over 1 million Gensets in service across the globe.

Promise behind Product

KOEL GREEN: India’s #1 Genset Brand.


Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency

KOEL Green Gensets offer a unique combination of CPCB norm compliance


Controls at your finger- tips

There is no comfort like being in command. KOEL Green Gensets put the command in your hands.


Peace-of-mind Ownership

KOEL Green Gensets have always been preferred for their robust design and reliability over long usage life.

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